Hey everyone!

15 days away, ready or not, and it’s time to get this blog rolling. This is my no-frills way of keeping all yall updated. Obviously nothing really to report aside from some basic facts about our trip:

  • Nick and I will be flying out of Traverse City Wednesday, January 18th at 6:20 in the morning – layovers in Chicago and Miami, arriving in San Jose, Costa Rica around 5:40 pm.
  • We are tentatively starting our adventure in Jaco, a town in the Central Pacific area, where we anticipate settleing into our new ‘home’.
  • We have no return tickets… yet.
  • We are highly encouraging visitors

Yes, we’re excited, but we’re also unsure of what’s ahead.  Please leave your thoughts, comments, and words of encouragement here because without you and your support, this adventure will be much more difficult. Thank you and stay tuned!


“They say we will go far, but they don’t know how far we’ll go
With our legs on the edge and our feet on the horizon” – Beach House, 10 Mile Stereo


One response to “Hi!

  1. You two will do amazing things in Costa Rica. This is just the start of a new adventure and you will have so many things to remember from such an adventure.

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