Our Journey, from 30,000ft

Yesterday, we spent most of our time in flight, my face pressed against the window the entire time. I am a map-aholic. I realize my fascination with geography and landscapes exceed the norm, but people, we live in a time where we can, whenever, fly over and clearly see land masses most only view printed. This is the world, this is how it exists.

I think that’s pretty cool. – Jes

Post-snowstorm, Traverse City airport

We arrived at the Chicago airport right at sunrise and it was spectacular

The Appalachian Mountains

Florida's everglades

Welcome to Miami!

What I thought were the Florida Keys... actually Cuba's Northern coast

The geography of Cuba was like nothing I've seen before

It took some time searching on GoogleEarth to identify this amazing landscape... but alas, Cabo Gracias Viejo, Nicaragua

Finally, Costa Rica


4 responses to “Our Journey, from 30,000ft

  1. My heart wanted to explode with an excitement I had forgot was inside when I saw the picture of the coast and strips of land that just were calling me to come scuba dive them. You cannot begin to imagine how many beautiful, strange and colorful creatures God has created under the sea. But it is there for you now.

  2. just talked to nick on skype. saw some pictures, a little bit in real time. so happy for your guys 🙂 it was -7 yesterday morning 🙂

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