We’re Here!

We made it in one piece! This will be a quick post with details to follow, including those of our new ‘home.’

Quick facts:

  • We traveled from 4am-8pm, TC-Chi-Miami-San Jose, arriving at the beautiful Beacon Escazu hotel for some much needed rest
  • We ate at the hotel bar and when served the same beer (Nick and I), I received a feminine beer glass while Nick a frosty mug, thought that was pretty cute
  • We’re very excited to learn/relearn Spanish
  • I’m realizing, despite being useless now, how much I remember, love, and miss the French language!
  • We met Kristin, our connection, and she seems wonderful

We are headed to meet her now and get Nick set up at a local bank, then to our next stop – a supposedly local owned quaint bed and breakfast.

Thank you again to everyone – we truly couldn’t do this without you all. Your love and support is what makes this possible. More updates to come, I promise!



2 responses to “We’re Here!

  1. I am so excited for you just thinking about my trips abroad. Thanking God for you getting there safe and that he has a wonderful plan all laid out for you and Nick. Can’t wait to hear your next steps as I sit home snowbound for a second day, luckly, so I can recover from this lousy cold for the womens ski clinic this weekend.
    All my love,
    Aunt Kimmie xoxo

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