First Night and Beyond…

Quick recap: our first night was in an amazing hotel, The Beacon Escazu.

We were picked up at the airport after sunset and briskly driven to the hotel which was tucked away in a somewhat ghetto (pardon the expression) neighborhood. The air was filled with vehicle exhaust, with an occasional whiff of someone cooking dinner. It was dark. I felt anxious. Is this what all of the central valley is like?

The hotel its self was somewhat of a fortress. The hotel facade was built into the surrounding buildings with an open-air courtyard in the center. The whole hotel, aside from the rooms, was open-air, and extremely upscale. It was an oasis, really, which became more apparent the following morning when we went down for breakfast. There were tables and chairs set up, some of which were occupied by businessmen. We were later told that this space, the cafe, was open to the public and is regularly used for business meetings.

We each had café con leche, fresh fruit salad, fresh orange juice, and toast with pinto gallo.

Nick took care of some business and we were on our way to our next place of accommodation, Casa de las Tias, then off for more business. Tomorrow we move into our new place and hopefully I can get a post out about the bed and breakfast. Check out photos of The Beacon below.

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Enjoy! – Jes


2 responses to “First Night and Beyond…

  1. you would be amazed at how 90% of the population lives in those countries. Glad you guys had such a beautiful and safe first night.

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