Casa de las Tías, San Rafael de Escazu, Costa Rica

I apologize for the delay on this post – we are really adjusting to Tico time here, which not only applies to local but unreliable internet as well.

But, alas, Casa de las Tias.

Casa de las Tias, or the Aunt’s House, is owned and operated by husband and wife duo Xavier and Pilar. The B&B’s name is inspired from Pilar’s great aunt’s home, a home of familial welcoming, warmth, and comfort. We were warmly greeted by both Xavier and Pilar, the wonderful owners, and promptly given a tour of our room and the grounds.

The home is beautifully, and tastefully, decorated, showcasing the couple’s love for travel. Our room, the Junior Suite, was decorated with Colombian art featuring a beautiful ornate dress typically worn by Colombian girls and women the day of their wedding. Pilar, I should mention, was born in Colombia and raised in Washington, D.C. (which explains the almost random collection of Washington paraphernalia).

My favorite trinket at the home (yes home, Pilar and Xavier still reside here, in room #1) would have to be an odd shaped lock. I had inquired about some wood carvings for sale in a cabinet and when Xavier came back from looking up the items’ costs he handed me a small, rectangular piece of metal. “Let’s see if you can figure this out,” Xavier said, and proceeded to walk away. This metal piece folded out of itself and fit perfectly into the lock on the cabinet door. “You beat the record!” Xavier exclaimed. It was a beautiful engraved lock and key from India, nothing like I had ever seen before.

The grounds of the home are beautifully kept. The front of the house has a furnished porch with large potted plants and overlooks a lush front yard. The back yard terrace is where we ate breakfast with the other guests (never more than two other individuals), and is equally as lush as the front yard. Out back they have mango and lime trees, hibiscus bushes, and an organic garden, from which the basil for our scrambled eggs came from.

Our first night there, scared and starving, Pilar even ordered delivery food for us. Whatever your tastes, whatever your interests, they genuinely want you to enjoy your stay. We mentioned over breakfast that Nick’s parents would have to stay here if they came to bird watch and immediately Xavier brought up a bird watching group he and Pilar are a part of, the best spots, and when to go. They even tried Nick and I to check out their community theater group.

Casa de las Tias is a great value, beautiful, and unique but the reason I will go back is because of Xavier and Pilar.

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– Jes


5 responses to “Casa de las Tías, San Rafael de Escazu, Costa Rica

  1. Beautiful Jessie, so glad you are keeping a blog, keeps us all connected here in Michigan, we anxiously await each new pos! Gail

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