One Week Ago Today… the Retrospective

One week ago today  we left snow for sun.

One week ago we were en route, leaving behind all our friends, family, and comforts. Time has essentially ceased to exist down here, what is a week when one day feels so unnatural?

Some things that haven taken getting used to:

Tico Time:

  • See you at 1pm means see you at 2pm maybe around 3pm
  • When banks say, “the transfer will be there tomorrow!” it means a week
  • On the plus side, relating to above, when the landlord wants two months rent up front, she’s fine with whenever (thank goodness!)

City Layout (or lack thereof)

  • Traffic is organized chaos; “Ticos drive so fast with no where to go,” or something like that
  • Sidewalks are to be maintained (and created) by the homeowner. This means uneven sidewalks at best, if they exist at all
  • There are no road names, no addresses, nothing. Our ‘address’ is 825 m al este la Municipalidad de Escazú, concreto con la piedra en frente – The concrete house with the rock in front, 825 meters east of the Escazú Municipality
  • Living at the base of a mountain, really works the glutes!
  • Everything is open air, no screens. This is great except for the air pollution and insects


  • Ants everywhere, large and small
  • Las cucarachas…
  • Spiders. We encountered our first unmanageable spider today. It involved two broom handles, pep talks, and our Buddhist downstairs neighbor, Nikki, to save the day
  • Dogs everywhere and they rule the neighborhoods. We anticipated mange infested strays but the reality is they are owned and loved but are not as highly prized as in the States
  • While not outwardly apparent, women play a silent role here. Look pretty, care for the children, etc. (yes, I’m placing individuals in the creature category)

As a habitual Weather Channel checker, I quickly came to realize that checking San José’s weather each morning is completely pointless. It’s sunny and cool when we get up, it gets sunny and hot outside (cool inside, still), then it get cool after sunset. Plain. And. Simple. What I find really fascinating is how the temperature and clouds change based on your position on or near the mountains. We check the weather for San José knowing that in Escazú, it should be ~5º cooler with a consistent breeze (notice we haven’t switched to metric yet…). I’m feeling much better, thank you, but as anticipated, my sinuses have gone berserk. Between confined airplane travel, altitude changes, and weather shifts I became stuffed, swollen, and cranky. Not a good combo your first week of relocation.

Everyday tasks are pretty difficult still with out limited Spanish but we’re making due. We’re doing well and adjusting the best we can. – Jes


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