Our Home, the Art Gallery

As anyone could guess, it is impossible to capture everything about where we are and what we are experiencing. Something I fear: I am already taking for granted is the beautiful art that surrounds us. Just in our home alone, the floors, walls, and doors have been carefully designed by our wonderful landlady, Pipa.

These are the swinging doors to our bedroom, identical to the bathroom door not shown. I was lucky enough to have plenty of sunshine to really show off the glass.

Pipa spent some time as a fisherman in Alaska and brought home with her a traditional Inuit sense of style. In the office is a collection of notebooks, accounting journals, and collections of traditional Northwest tribal art.

It’s hard to say what is most unique about this house but close to the top of the list would have to be the custom, one-of-a-kind medallion inlay Pipa designed for the living room space. The largest center eye is over a foot wide.

I see a trout in the lower left, a bear paw in the center, and maybe a bird of prey in the upper left.

What do you see?

– Jes


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