Super Bowl XLVI: How I Spent Football Sunday in Costa Rica

The Super Bowl for me conjures up images of Northerners taking solace in someone’s living room, drinking away cabin fever and eating mini-portioned appetizers.

I think of snow.

Wool socks, long underwear, sweaters, and scarves.

I think of how by the end of January, after all the festivities have passed, after everyone has rested, the lack of direct sunlight begins to take effect and early signs of cabin fever can be seen all over town. Then Super Bowl madness comes along, just in time.

This year, I spent Sunday in a bikini, eating a burger by the pool overlooking the Central Valley and a passing thunderstorm. You can send your hate mail directly to my spam box, thank you.

We were graciously invited over to Ania’s home, an apartment within Santa Ana’s Avalon Country Club. It was beautiful, sunny, and I did indeed eat a delicious hamburger with fries (eh, so-so), in my bikini, next to the pool. I did not know such luxury existed.

It quickly got cloudy as it often does in the afternoon here, but this time we were able to watch it happen. After intense sunlight and heat in the morning, clouds usually begin to form over the mountains that sweep into the valley. Right as we were packing up to watch the game the clouds in the valley intensified and thunder began rumbling. It was just off in the distance, close enough to hear and see the rain falling yet far enough to comfortably watch.

We went inside, whipped up some snacks, drank beer and enjoyed the American pastime that is football. By far the most memorable Super Bowl, even after Janet Jackson’s ‘wardrobe malfunction.’

– Jes


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