Product C, Avenida Escazu, Costa Rica

We love the local sodas here but every once in a while, we need a night on the town.

Friday, we had to make a run to the Japi Internet store to schedule a roof modem to be installed. Seeing as our building is entirely concrete with a metal roof, the Japi modem will only transmit if we sit it outside on the deck, not exactly convenient. What is convenient, however, is the proximity of the Japi store to some nice looking restaurants at the Avenida Escazú.

Nick, Scott, and I met with Ania, a woman from Mexico City here for work, at Product ©. Product © is a family business specializing in seafood and oyster distribution. The founder, Demian Geneau, was a top student at the Culinary Institute of Vancouver, moved South to Costa Rica and introduced one of the best 4-star Costa Rican restaurants, La Flor Blanca.

Teaming up with his parents and siblings, the Geneau family began applying their expertise of customer service, the culinary world, and seafood, crustaceans, and shellfish to open Product ©.  A statement on their website claims:

Product C is proud to be the first company in Costa Rica that offers hot oysters grown for distribution to restaurants in the country.

We ordered a smorgasbord, enjoying the best of the day’s specials. First to arrive was the seared tuna with salsa de piña. There were two large tuna steaks on the plate, perfectly seared and absolutely delicioso. I must be honest, this was my first time having seared tuna and I had no idea what I was missing. Next up came the mahi-mahi with a creamy vegetable risotto. It was delightful, fresh and perfectly prepared, but compared to the tuna it was so-so. And finally, la pièce de résistance, the last red snapper of the day. This was no ordinary fish – it was fried, whole, curled up on the plate presenting itself and offering a bouquet of garlic-seasoned french fries. You just take your fork and dive in, peeling away fillets of perfectly cooked meat. It was the best fish I have ever eaten.

We felt so accomplished having finally eaten what the oceans around us have to offer. We ordered completely off of the specials board so I cannot make a statement about the menu other than the prices seemed reasonable. Three entreés off the specials board a bottle of wine between four people was relatively pricey – $90-$100 including gratuity and taxes – but we didn’t regret a cent. The staff were great; very friendly and actually had a sense of humor (something we wish there was more of here). I highly recommend Product © and I will be going again (hopefully…). – Jes


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