Sorry, Mom, No Monkeys Yet

We have yet to experience Costa Rica outside the Central Valley which, unfortunately for us, is where all the wildlife is. We have encountered some interesting critters and crawlers not typically seen in Northern Michigan, some good and some not-so-good. Some not-so-good mainly involve very large spiders, one of which leaped at me when opening a slider door to water the flowers. I did not get a photo of that guy. Sorry.

But have no fear! I present to you the cool creatures we have seen at our home so far:

Poor photo quality because this little guy is FAST. We see these squirrels in the bamboo behind our house every once in a while.

Small, bright green parrots are really common here, too. We often see them flying through the valley in flocks, screeching extremely loudly.


On a serious note, some sad news to report. Matrix hasn’t been home since Friday, which is unusual for him, but neighbors have been notified and we’re all trying to stay positive. If you could send some good thoughts this way it would be appreciated. – Jes


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