Daily Routine, or Something Like It

Well, after about three weeks now, I think we might be falling into something resembling a routine.

It seems the roles have reversed here; Nick sets the alarm, gets up, and I crankily roll around until he sweetly informs me that he made coffee, which he does almost immediately after waking. The coffee, it’s necessary. I considered myself a morning person before this trip; weekends would consist of me anxiously, and annoyingly, waiting for Nick to wake up and hang out, weekdays I would rather be working at 5am than 5pm. My sleep schedule has always been a little off but here it seems way outta whack. I wake up in the middle of the night, every night, like my body is bored or done with sleep. My REM stages seem to perfectly coincide with whenever the alarm is going off; I wake up in such a daze and I don’t know what to do with myself, but I suppose that is more of an influence from not currently working than anything.

A routine relies on structure. Generally that structure is forced upon us in the form of work, children, errands, anything that demands your attention at a specific time. Time is arbitrary here, if you even want to say it exists. See Tico Time. Things are so loose I have to create my own structure, which is not easy. It involves a lot of self-motivation, which is not my strong point, especially when I feel like it’s summer vacation. Even when we create structure in our day, something Tico happens requiring us to abandon our plans.

Generally, this is a day for me:

  • Wake up, brush teeth, consume coffee, read about things on the internet… really, this is a guess, I have no idea what happens BC (before coffee)
  • Chores: laundry, sweep/mop, the always present pile of dishes…
  • Work-out: I tried to run in my hiking shoes and my body is still punishing me for it, so now I’m trying out a circuit work-out. I like the idea, but my body has yet to stop complaining.
  • Smoothie time! We buy fresh berries from the market on Saturdays, freeze them, and put them in a blender with two bananas, ground flax, strawberry and/or plain yogurt, honey, ice, and naranja y zanahoria juice (something like orange and carrot juice, I will certainly miss this in the states). Blend it up! Enjoy!
  • Depending on if we have hot water, I smell, need to shave, or have the energy, I’ll shower. Very tropical, very glamorous, I know.
  • I write
  • I read
  • I make lunch
  • Around 3 or 4 Nick is done working and we discuss our plans. Generally, we’re both pretty antsy now. Make plans to go out to eat, contact Scott and Patrick, two hours later we’re out the door. Eat, explore, come home, hang around with everyone.
  • Bed time: everyone seems to read in bed, what’s so cool about it, I just fall asleep? Well, ok, I finally love reading in bed. I’m about halfway through And So It Goes.

There you have it, my day, my sad attempt at creating structure in a country where there is no structure. But maybe we have yet to figure out Tico structure? Things obviously get done here; people pick up our trash, show up to work and school…

Summer vacation is over for all the kids here, school started this week. We’re also starting to get cloudier days, some producing rain, which helps keep the dust down a little. The smell of rain is not like home; it’s so fresh, tropical. Once TV figures out smell-o-vision they can work on smell-o-internets. They’ll need a better name, though. – Jes


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