A Different Side of San José

My first visit to San José left a bad taste in my mouth, which I’m sure was sensed in my review. I’m sorry, San José, I really didn’t like that side of you. Cheap shops, dirty streets, and people pushing their crappy knick-knacks; not my idea of fun. I had a second visit recently, also my first bus ride experience. San José deserves a bit more credit.

The majority of historical buildings have been demolished around the country and specifically in San José. Some, such as the Teatro Nacional, have been spared. There is a collection of neighborhoods that still have that historical charm that is hard to find in the capital city. I started out at a Latin American Music festival and craft show in Parque Morazán and Parque España, where I learned that Costa Rican love heavy metal. The band we saw had moments of greatness but they were fleeting. Nikki and I explored the areas around Amon and California San José which had some amazing historical mansions.

I was really impressed, and I think Nikki was too, who has been here for a few years. These neighborhoods are nothing like what I saw in downtown San José. There were actual moments where we heard nothing but birds and wind. Take a look:


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