An Anniversary, Costa Rica Style

Thursday, February 16th was, get ready for this, Nick and I’s 5th anniversary.

Five years. Cinco años. Cinq ans.

Five years ago Thursday, in the wee hours of February 16th, Nick and I drove home from a 9pm showing of Pan’s Labyrinth at Ann Arbor’s State Theatre; a four hour drive that solidified our four year friendship we had into something deeper.

I have known the amazing being that is Nick for eight years, five of which we have spent together, learning about each other and living life. We’re pretty proud of that. We’re also pretty special; but I digress. I will spare you the mushy details of our relationship but I assure you that I am one lucky lady.

How did we celebrate? Aside from healing from the insane sunburn that resulted from our trip to Jaco, Nick worked a bit then we spent the night eating and drinking our way back five years. Since we loved Product © so much we decided to head there. Too early for dinner, we leasurly sipped wine at a nearby restaurant with an outdoor patioand watched the sunset. It’s not as romantic as it sounds, the view is always obstructed here by a crane of some sort.

We split the salmon with lobster bisque sauce and the fish and chips, drank wine, followed by coffee and it was wonderful. Too full from dinner but realizing we needed dessert, we sprung for the $8 pint of vanilla Häagen-Dazs to go with my failed attempt at peanut butter bars (peanut-butter and chocolate, an anniversary tradition).

It was a great day. – Jes


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