La Feria Orgánica, Escazú Centro, Costa Rica

Every Wednesday, Downtown Escazú (Escazú Centro) has an organic market. Put on by a woman behind Buena Tierra, a local organic café, it is so popular most everything is sold out two hours after opening.

La Feria Orgánica has a co-op feel; all the produce is on the ground in wicker baskets, under a small pavilion and you pay per kilo what is written on the chalk board. The produce is beautiful, local, and organic. There are a handful of other vedors, selling things like smoked salmon, cheeses, honey, most items I had seen at the café.

You fill up your bag from home with everything you want, wait in line, then ‘check out.’ The atmosphere is not like other markets I’ve been to, less chit-chat; it was quite tense, actually. But it was 8am and cold.

There were locals shopping here but there was a larger proportion of gringos than at the neighborhood market on Saturdays, but it very much resembled the San José organic market. Much smaller and fewer hippies, though.

I really liked this market. I was able to find spinach and kale, which you can see were put to great use. The prices were very reasonable, I filled my bag for $6 and we’re still eating off everything:

  • 1 bunch kale
  • 1 bag spinach
  • 1 bunch bok choy
  • four ears of corn, w/o husks

I did splurge and buy an expensive loaf of bread that I sliced and have stored in the freezer. Really dense, sweet, multigrain bread with sunflower seeds. The market was definitely worth the early morning. – Jes


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