Oh, Yeah, That’s Right, We Live in Costa Rica

This post was written, stream-of-consciousness style, after we took Gail and Jerry out to dinner for their first night here in Costa Rica. It may not make sense. Like this blog, it was written for Nick and I to remember our experiences. But, either way, enjoy.

You forget quickly, maybe especially in stressful situations, how far you’ve come.

It seems silly to even write about it – I’m still scared, it’s still new and fresh. But is it really? I can walk into our regular dinner spot and order (almost) exactly what I want in Spanish, and with relative ease. The streets are not as scary. I can go out alone. We can plan an evening beyond when the sun sets. My legs are in shape (thank you, mountain).

Our first night, at the Beacon, almost doesn’t exist in my memory unless I dust it off. I think, to me at least, my first night begins at Casa de las Tias. Scared. Exhausted. Lost. Scared. I wouldn’t allow myself to be homesick, but even if I did would I have room for feeling so?

It was utter isolation.

Nick and I both are experiencing this for the first time and we can only help each other so much. There are times when we are completely isolated from each other; our emotion, experiences, thoughts. But this is mandatory, isolation, in order to grow. And grow we have.

Maybe this post is more for myself, for Nick and I, to remember.

That night at Casa de las Tias. That marionette doll. The furry rug, The creaking floor. The wood. The isolation. Being together.

And let’s not forget about RoastiPollos.

We’ll keep you posted on our adventures. – Jes


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