Calling All Family: G+J Are Alive and Well

Gail and Jerry (Nick’s parents, for those not acquainted) have arrived safely.

Monday night we met them at their B&B, Casa de las Tias, and took them to La Casona del Laly, one of our favorite local sodas. We ate, drank, and were merry.

Tuesday we spent the majority of the day planning their time here. And when I say ‘we’ I mean Gail and I… Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible had the boys not gone out to purchase real margarita supplies. Anyway, so everyone home knows what is going on, in case we never come back, we’re headed to Montezuma, a town on the Nicoya Peninsula.

From one peninsula to another.

We will spend two nights in Montezuma at a hotel called El Jardin. We plan to explore Cabo Blanco, a national park at the very Southern tip of the peninsula. Maybe we’ll see a waterfall. Maybe we’ll get Gail on a zip-line. We can only hope.

We return Saturday afternoon. Poker events consume the weekend and I anticipate the rest of us will be relaxing and recovering from the week’s events.

Tuesday. Tuesday we have decided to pamper ourselves, Costa Rica style. Meaning, we have booked a night at a lodge on the Caribbean side that includes transportaion. There is little room for tico time and typical Costa Rican ‘errors,’ if we wish to call them that. This means we relax the whole trip. A trip that takes us two hours by car to a dock where we take a boat four hours to the lodge. You supposedly can only reach this area by boat. I bet I’ll need my homemade bug repellant…

Did I mention Nick’s birthday? MONDAY, the 12th, the big 2-5. Sorry babe, love you, but have to embarrass.

No photos yet but if you know me, I will fill my SD card capacity before Saturday and report on Sunday.

Hang tight, fam. I will report as soon as we get back, you have our emergency numbers, but I warn…G+J might not return, I have heard rumors of early retirement…

Until the weekend, Jes.


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