Welcome to Miami… Buenvenidos a Miami…

Well, we’re not really going to Miami but what is technically called Hollywood, Florida. We’re actually not even flying into the Miami Airport… BUT, you know you would be lying if you said Will Smith’s Miami didn’t pop into your head with the mention of Southern Florida.

That being said, and I hope you still have the video playing as your soundtrack to this post, here are the important (and not important) details of our trip:

Nick and I will be flying into the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport Monday, April 9th to start our cough, cough, visa run, cough, cough and fly out Thursday, April 12th. The three nights will be spent at the Hollywood Beachside Boutique Suites where I found a killer rate (maybe kayak.com redeeming itself after it kept telling me the flight we wanted needed, which was present in the search over and over, actually wasn’t available). To help us stick to our budget, the suite has a fully equipped kitchen and it is near the beach, which is good for my farmer’s tan.

Let me take a moment to solidify this tan into history (all photos will be burned, however) to ensure I never make this mistake again. This uneven skin coloration is the king of all t-shirt tans; it is, I kid you not, a reverse t-shirt. My body is the definition of the currently-popular ombre (which the real definition is not my photo but rather “having colors or tones that shade into each other”). My arms are a nice shade of tan, my shoulders (and where t-shirt sleeves would be) is a modest tan color, my chest actually has a purse strap tan, then in all my bathing suit zones I am a pasty white. It is really something beautiful.

I was due for a good rant, wasn’t I?

The motel we have lined up is a block from the Hollywood strip, which should be fun to explore. Maybe we’ll walk, hand in hand, sunglasses on, people watching, and forget for a moment that while we’re on vacation, our home base is not in this country. It will be nice to travel light and carefree but it will also be difficult. To turn our cell phones on for the first time, the cell phones that were so important and part of our daily lives then and are now obsolete, that we haven’t touched in three months… To call our families, hear their voice, but not in person… Then fly back to Costa Rica. So close, yet so far away.

I am, however, predicting to feel recharged after this mini-vacay to the States, fulfilled of comforts I miss, much like after Jerry and Gail’s visit I felt my homesickness lift ever-so-slightly. To speak in my native tongue again, well, really, just to speak to locals in coherent sentences, will be more than satisfying. Oh, and cheese. Microbrews, bread, fashion, addresses, cross-walks, heck, sidewalks while we’re at it… I’m sure as I countdown to the big day, like I always have and always will, I’ll have a more comprehensive list of comforts I’m looking forward to.

Chex-mix, add that to the list.

– Jes

Ok, this is actually Miami, but you get the idea.


One response to “Welcome to Miami… Buenvenidos a Miami…

  1. Having you guys on U.S. soil again will be almost as good as having you home. Not quite the same, but still. Also, having seen the two of you sitting on bar stools at Tortuguera, you’re going to fit in very well in southern Florida. Even with your farmer’s tans, you’re beautiful people — Miami watch out. The Tico bartenders and tourists from Queens, London, and Saskatchewan were smitten!

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