Momotus momota

We had a beautiful pair of visitors two evenings ago: The Blue Crowned Motmot.

Maybe a week after Jerry and Gail departed we had our first motmot sighting and couldn’t believe our eyes. It is unlike any bird I’ve seen. It is uniquely vibrant with it’s iridescent-turquoise head and tail, surprisingly large, maybe the size of a crow (with different proportions), and the tail – wow.

I was lucky enough to get some photos this time around but they just don’t compare to the real thing. He (or she, they were traveling in pairs) perched on our fence and wiggled it’s tail so the teardrop-shaped feathers waved.

They arrived right before sundown, when most of the birds are getting active again. I’ll familiarize myself with their call so I can hopefully get some close-up shots!

– Jes


2 responses to “Momotus momota

  1. Great photos! If we had known there was the slightest chance of seeing this amazing bird we would have camped in your bamboo grove our whole stay.
    Missing you guys and thinking of you all the time. Can’t wait to see some Michigan birds together — especially the long-eared owl (with chicks!) in the woods behind our house…

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