ChiChi the Magnificent

Well, it only took four months but as predicted, we rescued an abandoned animal. It’s not like we are seeking these things out, more we just can’t look the other way.

Saturday, 10pm

Walking home from a great meal with friends we turn up our normal road, just past Chi-Chi’s the restaurant and say goodbye to our friends at their apartment complex. Not five feet later I stop dead in my tracks: there is a kitten, curled up in the middle of a busy road.

My heart sank. Alive with many broken bones was the best case scenario in my mind, how could traffic see this little guy, let alone avoid hitting it? We look around, no other kittens or mother. We wake it up, inspect for broken bones, and luckily it seemed fine and was only sleeping. I wrap it up in my coat and we walk home, it quickly falls back asleep.

Thankfully we have our downstairs neighbor, Nicki, a cat lover. The kitten, nothing more than a flea infested bag of bones, is calm, curled up and purring on Nicki’s lap. It appears to have no broken bones, is severely dehydrated and malnourished, and covered in fleas, ticks, and lice. It perks up at the sound of Mouse’s meows and chases him around the garage. To Mouse’s dismay, his food is volunteered and scarfed up quickly, the kitten barely taking time between gulps to breathe. It doesn’t drink water at this point unless it’s off your finger.

Sunday Evening

Nicki names it Chichi, as it was found near the restaurant. It is given a bath and we’re astonished as to how skinny the kitten really is underneath all the fur. We wrap it in a towel and snuggle, it purrs and immediately falls asleep.

It can climb the couch, has a wide variety of pewny cries, and is constantly trying to snuggle in you neck (obviously the closest and most comfortable spot). Mouse is surprisingly quiet, considering he announces his presence constantly, and is unsure of the kitten.

Monday Morning

Monday we took Chichi to the vet. It’s a she!

She is 1.2 lbs., no more than 8 weeks old, if that, and will grow to be a beautiful long-haired cat. The vet suggests that because she has a full, relatively clean coat, she was more likely abandoned rather than a stray. This becomes evident with her constant desire for human contact (she slept on Nicki’s face the first night) and how quick she picked up litter training. Chichi has ringworm and intestinal worms and received her first dose of medication, which combined with the chaotic walk home, knocked her out. She didn’t leave her crate until Tuesday morning.

She appears to be doing really well; she’s eating and drinking well and getting plenty of rest. Given her new found strength, she was given her first does of flea powder – we’re one step closer to snuggling.

As we’re unsure of our own living situation come June, Nicki is going to keep Chichi. As much as we feel like her parents, it wouldn’t be fair to put her through the roughness of travel at such a young age. So, we must enjoy our time with her as much as possible!

She is certainly strong and truly magnificent. And don’t let that fluff fool ya, she’s tiny!

– Jes


11 responses to “ChiChi the Magnificent

  1. Of course you would rescue her! You and Nick fall in love with every dog or cat you see, it’s so wonderful to watch. We saw the movie “We Bought A Zoo” tonight and laughed to think you will someday have a house and yard full of animals. Probably not lions, tigers, and bears, but surely cats and dogs…

  2. She’s adorable. After adopting a kitten from a rescue group, I can’t imagine turning my back on another kitten. I fall in love with them so fast!

  3. Oh my gosh is she cute! You know I couldn’t of left her in the street, in fact that was how we got Diego. Just a handful of kitten running down the edge of our dirt road. I wouldn’t be able to leave her. Is your mom having fun?

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