Blogging Hiatus and What’s Next?

A blogging hiatus.

I know, it’s been a while.

I’ll be completely honest, I just haven’t felt like writing. It doesn’t come naturally to me anyway so when I try to force it, it’s just wrong. So, honesty aside, here’s what’s been keeping me busy:

New Theme

I’m thinking of changing things up a bit around here, not yet, but soon. Please express your opinions when the time comes, I could use them.

Book Series

I borrowed Nicki’s book, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, since it did not make the cut when I packed, and I finished it in record time. It was not at all what I had expected. The second book was the first thing I told my mom I wanted her to bring down, which I finished even quicker. I’ve been so obsessed, I, against my obsessive compulsive tendencies, bought the final book but not of the same publishing company. The beautifully ornate, two color-scheme, raised surface version published by Vintage Crime, matching my two previous copies, was not available here so I had no choice to purchase rather a version with a poorly casted model, not even slightly resembling Salander.

See what this series has done to me? Now I’m insulting innocent models and publishing companies. A week later I now realize I’ve purchased a UK release and yes, there are noticeable differences; disappointed, yes, but a girl needs her fix.

On a side note, we tried for about a week to watch the US film adaptation once I finished the book and it seemed I just wasn’t meant to watch it. We tried renting it from iTunes, which initiated an unrelated issue and now we can’t use the iTunes store (their words, not ours), and we couldn’t rent it from Amazon because we are in Costa Rica. Nicki tried twice, bless her heart, to rent it from the local video store but they were either closed or didn’t have it. Finally, since we tried throwing our money in every direction, we resorted to illegal means. Well, Nicki, who feels indifferent about the topic, did for us. It was worth it, we regret nothing,

Mom’s visit

My mom came to Costa Rica! It was a surprise, well I had a few weeks notice, but it was unexpected to say the least. I’m not going to summarize her trip now but I will say that she essentially lived with us for a week and learned about our lives here. We went to the beach, where I almost got attacked by lizards (when you give a lizard a cracker… he’ll want another one), but it was a great trip overall. Saying goodbye was more than difficult but but it was worth being able to show her the life we’ve created for ourselves down here. Her visit was perfectly timed; we’re ready to leave Costa Rica and begin our next journey. Which brings us to…

What’s next

Nick and I are moving to Montreal. In June.

And no, we’re in no way prepared. We have secured a lease for August 1st-December but we still need a place for June-August 1st. The differences are going to be vast, to say the least, but we are so ready for the changes. I hope we look back at the year and see how we’ve grown in it’s diversity.

Nick kept his promise; I moved somewhere that speaks Spanish (NOT something I aquired easily), so he’s moving somewhere French for me. I’ve been practicing and this haven’t happened since high school, I’m having dreams in French again. C’est magnifique!

It’s only 590 away, rather than 2500 miles to Costa Rica… anyone up for some poutine?

Oh, and what’s really been occupying my time? This:

Come on, could YOU get anything done with this cuteness constantly prancing around you?

Chichi has been doing great since we brought her home; she has more than doubled her weight in two weeks (0.52 to 1.10 kilos!) and is finally acting like the feisty kitten that she is.Mouse has filled the big brother role exceptionally well, mercilessly wrestling with her (she now fights back and instigates!) and sharing his favorite toys.

Needless to say, things around here are going well. It’s going to be busy week… See you soon, Traverse City!



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