The Waiting Game

Our final week. It feels stranger than I expected; too early to pack, too late to act normal. So, I wait.

The skies opened up today and we had a real wet season storm.

We walked to Buena Tierra with Nicki for brunch, with the dark cloud off to the North. Usually the clouds come from the Northeast, from what I’ve observed here, but this cloud stretched over the entire Central Valley, which should have been our first indicator of severity. Nicki is leaving tomorrow for the UK so this is our last meal together. It was pleasant but she’s stressed and the goodbye, although was pushed to this evening, still looms overhead.

Nick (the boyfriend, not the neighbor) and I began walking to the grocery store, a 20 minute walk downhill, when the winds picked up and the temperature dropped. At this time we’re standing in front of the church where you can see down a road and into the valley; a wall of rain so thick blocked our view and it looked as though we were on a mountain looking into nothingness. I suggested a taxi down since the worst part of the afternoon rain is always the beginning. As we drove closer the wall of rain met us with such ferocity that we all broke out laughing at our timing.

Employees at the Atlantis Plaza were sweeping water out from their stores and placing buckets everywhere inside the store to collect leaks. The raindrops are so large it sounds like hail. We splurged and took a taxi back.

The rain is soothing, like someone giving you an excuse to lay low and ponder life. I’m just listening; the rain, the river growing in speed and volume, the cars outside…

It could be one of our final storms. It will rain again before we go, yes, but maybe not like this. The skies opened up and haven’t stopped. The rain wains from heavy to heavier, which our tin roof amplifies, but its soothing. A constant drone which occasionally is the only sound because it’s so loud.

And the thunder. We don’t always have thunder with our afternoon downpours but we have it today. Loud, booming overhead, sometimes loud enough to eliminate the traffic noise.

The rain lets up at times, almost slows to a whisper, then I remember the traffic.


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