Coming Up For Air

Wow, it’s been a while. I dropped off the face of the blogosphere and it felt pretty good. I’ve been a bit… busy.

Let’s recap my summer thus far:


5th – Left Costa Rica for Michigan after being away for 5 months

11th – Radiohead Concert in Detroit

19th – Moved to Montreal


11th – A solo trip home to Traverse City (where a marathon of Michigan approved summer activities ensued)

14th – Wedding

15th – Dad’s birthday

25th – The most emotional good-bye to date – back to Montreal


1st – Moved out of the Plateau and into Old Montreal

4th – 9th – Chelsea and Aaron visit!

5th – Osheaga!

I’m exhausted just typing all of that.

It has been an exhausting couple of months, which is weird to say because it feels like only weeks. Each stage of our journey thus far has filled us with assurance that Michigan is for us. Our family, the lakes, the food, the wine! The community is something unique but it takes an adventure like this for us to solidify our wants and desires.

The suitcases are unpacked, pantry stocked, and new craft projects started – we are settled. More details to come (Osheaga, our new digs, etc.).

– Jes


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