Bofinger Smokehouse and the BBQ Sandwich Epiphany

This is the sandwich that ignited an obsession – no one told me you could make BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches with chicken.

I love BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. LOVE them. But my issue has always been that I’m not that into pork, it’s just a perfect vessel for sauce.

Enter my favorite lean meat – chicken.

I saw BBQ Pulled Chicken sandwich on Bofinger’s menu and almost lost it. Of course! Why not! It was that “where have you been all my life” moment. Lean but moist, drenched in a tangy honey bbq sauce and perfectly piled high on a toasted sesame bun served with a pile of seasoned skin-on french fries.

I have dreams about this sandwich.

Bofinger BBQ Smokehouse – Various Locations, Montreal, Quebec

I am not a traditional barbecue expert, nor do I pretend to be, so I cannot comment on authenticity of this joint and their other barbecued meats. But I can say, the BBQ Pulled Chicken sandwich and fries are phenomenal.

– Jes


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