April Showers Bring… The Rainy Season

It seems the rainy season may be upon us…

Monday we experienced a very heavy downpour for a solid hour. The morning was typical, hot and sunny, but as it got closer to noon we began to hear thunder. The thunder went on for a few hours, with an increase in clouds, until finally the sky opened up.

It poured.

Carpe Diem

It poured so hard we could barely see the rooftops of the neighborhood homes. And there was lightning. Mom, you would love it. Yesterday was similar but without as much rain. It seems Scott and Patrick, our next-door neighbors who have recently moved back to the States, jumped ship just in time.

This past week has been a week of adjusting seeing as our comrades have left. I should note that these guys arrived the same time we did and were just as scared as we were. It was an instantaneous bond, one that has helped us all get our footing here in Costa Rica.

The Monday and Tuesday before their departure we made sure to indulge in some good eats with friends. We had a fabulous, traditional, Italian meal at Carpe Diem. I had a seafood linguine with a garlic-tomato sauce and Nick had risotto with ox-tail. Tuesday we ate at La Divina Comida, a posh Peruvian restaurant, although I didn’t see any Peruvian influences, that was equally delicious. I had a sea bass risotto and Nick had panko-crusted shrimp.

Wednesday, Scott was scheduled to leave at 1am so naturally he was going to take full advantage of the day. Packing, souvenir shopping, and, or course, a trip to the bowling alley.

Yes, the bowling alley. Some players here are actually in a weekly bowling league at an alley in San Jose, which looked like a blast. We made a trip over so Scott and Patrick could say their good-byes, but not before some pool and Foosball.

It was the most intense game of Foosball I have ever witnessed. Neither parties could really communicate, Tico vs. Turista, 1-0-1.

They are important characters in the beginning of our story here, helping us realize that it’s ok to be as scared as we are and that we’re not alone. Associating ourselves with individuals so similar – scared, from the Midwest, here for poker – helped us all grow into our lives here. It certainly has been quite the ride, one we now take as just the two of us. – Jes


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